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We located in Shanghai, only in shanghai All of our girls are clean, they check once a month. All of our girls are non-drag , non-smoking , so they are safe to you! All of our girls are single, no boyfriends , so no trouble!Cash only!!! RMB,dollar,pound etc. are all welcome. You MUST use the condom! ------pay after the service bj without condom 100%real photos- you can reject the girl if is not good all girls - Shave hairless No additional cost
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3.100%real photos-you can reject the girl if is not good
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We have professional, pretty grils to relax your body and mind. The massage escort come from different areas of China, so they have different styles to satisfy your needs. For you ,business client, we believe that here, in Shanghai, our escort will bring you joyful. Romantic night, you won't disappoint.
Imagine peace, comfort, tranquility and revitalization at our full-service spa At Good Shanghai Escort, you can give your body a complete and full body workout with our state-of-the art fitness equipment, or let us bring you relaxation and a sense of ease from your pressures of everyday life through a variety of pampering spa services including the traditional European escorts.

A world of relaxation awaits you At Good Shanghai Escort. Of course you’ll want to indulge in one of our exclusive body and skin treatments. But don’t stop at just that try the smooth sensational feeling like of A hand of silk, allow our staff of exercise professionals to provide you with an exhilarating feeling beyond your wildest imagination.

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